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Welcome Adventurer, to PaintNPlay Prints! Here you can browse my vast catalogue of 3D models available for purchase! Check back frequently as I'm always seeking out new models to add to my collection.

I do not currently have an FDM printer so for the time being the building or large structure objects are currently unavailable without co-operation of someone local with FDM access. I am expecting to receive one soon and after some tests to get used to the new printer and settings, these models will be available directly from me.

I have obtained rights to sell all the models in my catalogue, either flat out or through subscription.

Interested in a custom paint job as well? Take a look at my printing portfolio for examples of my painted models. If you like what you see, then shoot me a message about what model and paint idea you're looking at and see if I've got a commission slot available!

Models will be cleaned of supports, but due to the nature of 3D printing some light cleaning/sanding/filling may be required. Some models will require some assembly so as to ensure a safer travel.

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